House Massage!


De-stress and unwind with our full body massage, personalized to meet your individual needs.  Our relaxation massage will realign and soothe your body with a light to medium touch using smoother strokes to transport you to a tranquil state.   

By adding your own customized blend to our deluxe massage your treatment will be transformed into a uniquely personal experience.   Add any of these to make your special fuse.  


1).  Choose 1 from 3 Temple Bases:  (Mango & Shea Butter, Coconut & Shea Butter, Sweet Almond and Cocoa Butter)

2).  Choose 1 from our 7 Temple Toppings:  (Citrus- Balance, Sandalwood- Sacred, Lemon- Detoxing, Clary Sage- Improves mood, Lavender- Calming, Black Pepper- Energizing (masculine), Bay- Confidence (masculine)

Remedial (Neuromuscular)


Massage for your sore spots!

This specialized massage is recommended for recurrent and persistent muscle pain.  This massage releases chronic stress areas due to injury, trauma, misalignment, repetitive motion, and overworked muscles.  Helps to relieve severe tension and loosen shortened muscles.   An oil blend of clove, arnica and cat’s claw helps to eliminate pain and allows you to return to your daily activities.

Get relief now from:

Back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, migraine, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, herniated discs, scoliosis, hip pain, rotator cuff, sports injuries, TMJ, whiplash, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, spasms, cramps, postural disturbances, poor posture, sciatica, repetitive syndrome injuries, plantar fasciitis


Headache Massage


Headache Massage Duo 

Experiencing headaches or migraine pain this massage will help to flow energy to the temporal areas freeing and releasing pressure from the nerves and blood vessels.  Improves blood flow and aids in relaxation as head, neck, shoulder and pressure points on the foot and ankles are massaged. 

Headache Foot Soak


Sinus Massage


Sinus Massage Duo

Discover relief from one of the most common illnesses.  This massage provides powerful relief helping to open and clear breathing passageways.  This treatment will help remove pressure from around the eyes and the cheeks reducing inflammation and swollen mucous membranes by applying pressure point therapy, medicated oils, and nasal spray.

Sinus Foot Soak 


Sleep Massage 


Sleep Massage Duo

Sleep deprived?  If you’re like most people you can use a few more hours of sleep. 

Experience an exotic blend of oils tailored for this rebalancing sensory massage applied to the face, back, reflexology points of the feet, head and stomach designed to help you take back sleep by alleviating mental fatigue and stress leaving the body relaxed and recharged.


 Sleep Foot Soak


Pain Massage 


Pain Massage Duo

Designed to calm the nervous system and restore the soul by eliminating muscle soreness, aches, and pains.  We apply a specially formulated blend of pure essential oils that are excellent for easing pain.  A heating compress and hot towels added to the body make this holistic full body massage “a sigh of relief”!


Pain Foot Soak



Deep Earth Stone Massage

This age-old deep therapy has history reaching back to the ancient Egyptians.  Experience the elements (earth, fire, water) with this massage.  We combined our popular warming massage with its exquisite oil blend of ginger, capsicum, and chocolate and peppermint oil with heated stones to provide deep muscle comfort.