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Back To School For Moms

September 6th, 2011 • Posted by Kim Lee • Permalink

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Back to School for Moms

Summer is finally over!!! My kids are going back to school. Finally! Well, not really. I'm going to miss the little rascals. My youngest daughter is starting her first year of preschool. Although, this is our third round of preschool – it still seems scary, new, and exciting every time. With my husband at work, and the kids at school, I'll have some time to myself again.

Of course, during my first week of relaxation – I cleaned the house. It was long overdue. Let's not forget the laundry, the grocery shopping, preparing lunches, cooking dinner, and helping with homework. Being a mom is hard...but I love it. It's the most rewarding job ever, and I adore my children.

It's important to take time for myself. To truly relax. It makes me a better wife and a better mom. Relaxation comes in so many forms and price ranges. Here are three parts of my day in which I find time to focus on returning balance and energy to my life.

Morning - Run

The mornings are so hectic in my house. Fighting over the bathroom, packing lunches (it's best to prepare them the night before), making sure everybody eats breakfast (I often forget to), and rushing everybody out to the bus. Phew. Every morning it's a mad house. Good thing my husband is still sleeping. I love starting out my day with a run along the lake near our also makes the mid-afternoon pedicure that much more heavenly. It's quiet and so peaceful. Sometimes, my girlfriend runs with me, but I actually prefer the alone time to reflect on my day.

Afternoon – Spas and Salons

This is always my favorite part of the week, but if you're not careful – this can easily be the most expensive time of the week. I like to try new spas and salons to see what others are offering, but I certainly have my favorites. Moedim Day Spa is definitely on the favorite list. Their Signature Swedish massage compares to some of the best massages that I've receive at Chicago day spas and San Francisco day spas.

I've taken things to the next level of peace of mind. I don't even bother calling and waiting on hold anymore. I book spa deals online. It's more convenient and less of a much faster too.

Evening – Book Club

I love our once a month book club with the girls. I think I'm going to propose that we meet every other week. There are 6 of us that meet for dessert and wine. We each bring a bottle of wine – that's 6 bottles of wine. It makes for a fantastic time. We alternate houses and stay away from trying to impress each other. The point is to laugh and enjoy one another's company. We spend more time talking about each other's lives than we do talking about the book. But what a great excuse to get together.

I hope that you can adopt some of these ideas, and mold them into your own.

Great. Time for me to go pick up Dustin from soccer practice.


- Megan S.

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