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VALENTINE'S Escapes!!!

Come and celebrate the spirit of love with us on Feb. 14th thru Feb. 20th!

Ask us about our extended love hours. 

Harmony Couple's Massage $139.00

Our "Harmony Couple's Massage" is one of our hottest!! services at our spa right now.  The perfect combination of intimate social connecting.  A great way to introduce and share a unique experience with that special someone.  So make it a harmonious event for two.

Add a foot soak for TWO for $189.00

The Refresher

The Balancer

Ancient Soak

Yin and Yang 90 minute Couple's Massage $220.00

Candlelight, rose petals and our customized sensual aromatherapy massage will set the tone.

Add a foot soak for TWO for $270.00

The Refresher

The Balancer

Ancient Soak

De-stress and unwind with our full body massage, personalized to meet your individual needs.  Our relaxation massage will realign and soothe your body with a light to medium touch using smoother strokes to transport you to a tranquil state.   Especially great the nervous system.

Because we know no two people are alike we offer a one-of-a-kind spa experience.  By adding your own customized blend to our deluxe massage your treatment will be transformed into a uniquely personal experience.   Add any of these to make your special fuse. 

BENEFIT BOOSTERS!  Choose 1 from 3 Temple Bases:  And Choose 1 from our 7 Temple Toppings:  (Citrus- Balance, Sandalwood- Sacred, Lemon- Detoxing, Clary Sage- Improves mood, Lavender- Calming, Black Pepper- Energizing (masculine), Bay- Confidence)


FOOT INDULGENCES for $30.00 or $100.00 includes the House Massage!

The Refresher – Satisfy your tired and relentless body cravings with the perfect foot soak to revivify you!  Lemon balm helps with frayed nerves, Lemon Grass has a cooling effect, Ginger is great for aching muscles, Tumeric has amazing healing properities, Mint is wildly aromatic, Lime is energizing.

The Balancer – Feel simply amazing with this wonderfully aromatic mood delighter!  Fennel is grounding, Ylang Ylang balances mind and body, Orange Citrus promotes positive thoughts, Lavendar is relaxing and soothing.

Ancient Soak – Healing as well as aesthetically pleasing.   Neem generates heat in the body, Hisbiscuss moisturizes, Aloe relieves sore muscles, Lemon Grass is great for immune system.




At Moedim Day Spa, we believe there’s a natural state of

wellness and energy that we were all born to have and

maintain. However, the way we think, eat and live in this

civilization can often be in direct conflict with optimum

mental, physical and spiritual health. There is a way to

return to yourself well and more powerful than ever before.

Moedim Day Spa was created to be an oasis from the pace

and stressors of your busy life – a place for your mind, body

and spirit to rest, be healed and rejuvenated. Your mind is

calmed and your energy replenished through a combination

of modern and ancient techniques. Through the power of

touch, herbal remedies and naturally designed products, we

miraculously see client after client be transformed closer to

their natural state and return to themselves healed and




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Desert Storm Warming Massage-  This 60 minute massage features a blissful combinatation of Ginger, Peppermint, and chocolate oils with the warming sensation of capsicum.  This hot and spicy euphoric massage is great for detoxification and circulation. $120.00

Sacred Thoughts Foot Soak-  A centuries-old tradition, foot soaks are a must, not only for tired and aching feet, but a soak is great for all that ails you!  This soak is sure to please all of your senses with an intoxicating blend of cinnamon, peppermint, juniper, lemon, and clary sage. $120.00

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