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 "Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen to them." - Shakti Gawain 





Getting Back To Myself  (Buy Now)

60-minute massage with soothing back scrub and back mud mask. 95 minutes  for $145.00 

A Moment in Time  (Buy Now)

60-minute lavender massage, 30-minute lavender foot soak, lavender paraffin hand treatment. 105 minutes for $129.00 

Island Blitz  (Buy Now)

60-minute papaya and coconut oil massage, freshly prepared papaya and mango facial mask, our “Refresher” 30-minute foot soak.  100 minutes for $129.00 


I'm not sure what to get that special person that I want to show friendship/love.  Well, we can help!  Give an E-voucher to use from $25.00 to $1,000 dollars and let them choose their own spa experience.  (Buy Now)

Why Us?

We are not new here at Moedim Day Spa, but we have created a new model in our approach to wellness.  Our system is unique and perhaps the only one of its’ kind in that we are able to match you to the corresponding treatment that would best suit your needs.

Forget the stress and feel the wealth of a healthy body.  We restore balance and beauty through time-tested techniques.  Our advanced treatments create symmetry and maintain optimal vitality by promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Combining relaxation and healing is what we do.   Who we are is your source for the best professional massage and spa services.

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Find Some Spring Balance

Spring is here! Indulge yourself in the renewal of the season by coming in for one of our signature massage treatments.

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Aroma Touch Massage  $129.00BUY NOW

We apply a sequence of highly potent oils that are known for their powerful healing properties along with a systematic Aroma Touch technique that allows the oils (doTERRA) to activate the body’s meridians balancing the body’s function and system.  This technique addresses the needs of the whole body by addressing stress, autonomic imbalance, toxic insult and inflammatory response.  (60mins.)





Ionic Foot Detox  $35.00BUY NOW!

Experience the life-giving properties of energized water and bio-electric fields to help clear stuck energies and release toxins from your skin.

Harmony Couple's Massage $139.00

Our "Harmony Couple's Massage" is one of our hottest!! services at our spa right now.  The perfect combination of intimate social connecting.  A great way to introduce and share a unique experience with that special someone.  So make it a harmonious event for two.

Add a foot soak for TWO for $189.00

The Refresher, The Balancer, Ancient Soak


Moedim Day Spa's House Massage $79.00

De-stress and unwind with our full body massage, personalized to meet your individual needs.  Our relaxation massage will realign and soothe your body with a light to medium touch using smoother strokes to transport you to a tranquil state.   Especially great the nervous system. Because we know no two people are alike we offer a one-of-a-kind spa experience.  By adding your own customized blend to our deluxe massage your treatment will be transformed into a uniquely personal experience.   Add any of these to make your special fuse.  BENEFIT BOOSTERS!  Choose 1 from 3 Temple Bases:  And Choose 1 from our 7 Temple Toppings:  (Citrus- Balance, Sandalwood- Sacred, Lemon- Detoxing, Clary Sage- Improves mood, Lavender- Calming, Black Pepper- Energizing (masculine), Bay- Confidence)



FOOT INDULGENCES for $30.00 or $100.00 includes the House Massage!

The Refresher – Satisfy your tired and relentless body cravings with the perfect foot soak to revivify you!  Lemon balm helps with frayed nerves, Lemon Grass has a cooling effect, Ginger is great for aching muscles, Tumeric has amazing healing properties, Mint is wildly aromatic, Lime is energizing.

The Balancer – Feel simply amazing with this wonderfully aromatic mood delighter!  Fennel is grounding, Ylang Ylang balances mind and body, Orange Citrus promotes positive thoughts, Lavender is relaxing and soothing.

Ancient Soak – Healing as well as aesthetically pleasing.   Neem generates heat in the body, Hibiscus moisturizes, Aloe relieves sore muscles, Lemon Grass is great for immune system.


Contouring         Rejuvenation           Sculpturing                   Cellulite Reduction      


Look and Feel your best with one of our most popular treatments!!


Aloe Vera Detox Body Wrap $100.00

Lose 4-15 inches today with our detox body wrap.  The active herbal enzyme solution is a toxin cleanse that creates immediate size loss from fatty areas.  The aloe vera in the solution will moisturize, tone and tighten the skin allowing you to feel baby soft.



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Desert Storm Warming Massage-  This 60-minute massage features a blissful combination of Ginger, Peppermint, and chocolate oils with the warming sensation of capsicum.  This hot and spicy euphoric massage is great for detoxification and circulation. $120.00

Sacred Thoughts Foot Soak-  A centuries-old tradition, foot soaks are a must, not only for tired and aching feet, but a soak is great for all that ails you!  This soak is sure to please all of your senses with an intoxicating blend of cinnamon, peppermint, juniper, lemon, and clary sage. $120.00

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